They say the grass is always greener, and that's particularly true for 2018's political climate. As our illegitimate president attempts to undo all of the good instituted by his predecessor, we find ourselves memorializing the pre-Trump era, particularly on Barack Obama's 57th birthday. The 44th president's adopted state of Illinois declared August 4th "Obama Day," and many people then decided to show their support on social media. 

In honor of Barack Obama's day of birth, many celebs including John Legend, Common, Bill Russell, Tracee Ellis Ross and Ellen DeGeneres posted tributes to celebrate his legacy. 

While celebrating Obama is not unprecedented, remembering his legacy within our current governmental structure, politicizes the nostalgia. It is defiant, a sort of defiance that we need more than ever in 2018. We're reminded of Obama's ingenuity and his kindness as we witness the embarrassment that has become synonymous with the Trump White House. What amplifies these gestures, is the fact that #ObamaDay is now trending on Trump's favorite medium, Twitter. 

What was most likely a petty response to this outpour of Obama-related celebration, Trump also tweeted a happy birthday post, one not directed at his predecessor and likely meant to draw attention away from Barack. 

While celebrating Obama can happen on any given day, this nostalgia reminds us of who our current president is. However, fear not, we will once again have an opportunity to change our political fate by voting in the midterm elections this November. You can check on the status of your voter registration here