With season two of Marvel's Netflix series Iron Fist set to release in a little less than a month, some new information regarding the potential fate of the upcoming episodes has been revealed. New showrunner Raven Metzner revealed that Moon Knight was almost included in the new season during a recent Q and A session on Twitter. 

Metzner said that using Moon Knight "came up many times" in the writers room. While nothing more was mentioned, the inclusion of the hero into the Iron Fist storyline could have certainly provided an interesting layer to its plot. It could have also opened up the opportunity for other potential spinoffs and cameos in Marvel's other properties on the streaming service as well. 

The showrunner also noted that he adored Moon Knight and that he "grew up on the classic" comic books. 

Despite the lack of Moon Knight in Iron Fist's latest run of episodes, fans can anticipate to the origin story of villain Typhoid Mary, played by Alice Eve, being told in the upcoming season to introduce the series' new antagonist. They can also look forward to the debut of Danny Rand's classic yellow mask that was absent from the martial arts expert's costume in the heavily criticized first season

For all comic book lovers preparing to binge through the new offering, season two of Iron Fist is currently set to premiere on Netflix on Sept. 7.