Lucky Luciano needs your help.

Though you may not be familiar with his online alias, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Lucky’s face countless times on social media. That’s because he’s the dude who blessed the world with the “You Know I Had to Do It to Em” meme. You know the one: It’s a young, overly confident guy who attempts to flex in his all-pink preppy ‘fit. Here’s a reminder:

Well, as you can see above, Lucky is currently in some legal trouble. According to the Daily Dot, the 21-year-old Florida resident was arrested back in May for alleged drug possession. Lucky claims his arrest was bogus and illegal.

Over the weekend, Lucky launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for his mounting legal fees. He says his goal is to raise $7,000, which will also help him hire a lawyer to sue his arresting officers “for the unfairness and horrible behavior that was displayed against me.”

Per his crowdfunding page:

I recently got arrested over BS. I was followed, stalked and detained unlawfully by officers who found trying to ruin my life. They found this funny, amusing and tormented me the entire time. I sat in jail and was given no bond, my charges were upped dishonestly, and slapped with a bunch of costs. I am making this GoFundMe for the sole purpose of legal costs, court fees, bail money, most importantly trying to hire a lawyer and suing the officers for the unfairness and horrible behavior that was displayed against me. Anything helps and you are very much appreciated. Thank you all!

Lucky also addressed his arrest in a YouTube video posted over the weekend. In the clip, he tells his side of the story, which includes allegations of false arrest.

You can check out the video below.

If you’d like to contribute to Lucky’s cause, you can do so here. As of Tuesday evening, he has secured $185 in donations.

Lucky did not immediately respond to Complex’s request for comment. 

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