Elon Musk and Grimes won't be seeing each other's tweets on their timeline anymore since they unfollowed each other on Twitter.

The two have been dating for several months and even appeared at the Met Gala together earlier this year. But with their latest mutual unfollow move, tweeters are wondering whether or not they're still together.

"Grimes and Elon Musk broke up meaning I have nothing to laugh at anymore. This week is already off to a SHIT start," read one tweet. "mercury came out of retrograde and grimes and elon musk broke up the evil has been defeated," read another.

The unfollow comes after Azealia Banks said she spent three days in the Tesla CEO's mansion while waiting for Grimes. The two were supposed to finish their collaboration on Banks' project, Fantasea II: The Second Wave. Instead, Banks released a series of messages about her stay at the mansion—including some possibly damning information about Musk's tweet earlier this month about taking Tesla public.

I waited around all weekend while grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on twitter while on acid," she wrote. "Then she had the nerve to go ghost and 'book me a first class flight' thru roc nation as if she's big enough to send ME out of La." Banks then reportedly released a series of text messages with Grimes which make fun of his "weird accent" and talks about him having a "giant dick."

Yeah, we could see how that might cause some tension in a relationship.