In an interview with HeyUGuys, director Antoine Fuqua reveals that he has an upcoming meeting with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to discuss the possibility of helming a film. Fuqua admits that his apprehension towards directing a Marvel project stems from concerns over how much creative control he would be given by the studio.

“For me, it has to be the right one, in the right situation because there’s so much visual effects going on and – ‘Where’s the director in it all?,’” he said. “I need to understand it because it’s like management…they have a machine, they’ve got people, there’s the design, the whole thing is sketched out[…]Is the director doing that? Or is it a hundred other people?"

Fuqua’s involvement with the world of comic book film adaptations has been rumored for quite some time, dating back to his admission that he was approached by Sony for Morbius: The Living Vampire earlier this year. Whether those concerns above about creative control were more prevalent than they were before, or it simply wasn’t the right time, the Academy Award-winning Training Day director was passed over in favor Daniel Espinosa, who directed 2017’s Life

With Equalizer 2 in theaters now, Fuqua has no known projects lined up. Maybe this meeting with Feige crystallizes into something worthwhile, but for now, they’re just “just talking.”