In the past few years, escape rooms have risen in popularity as a fun way to bond with friends or family while role-playing a life-threatening situation. It’s a pretty weird concept if you think about it, one that 50 Cent is definitely not interested in.

During an appearance on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, actress Hayley Atwell (you know her from Captain America/she’s in the forthcoming Christopher Robin flick), tells the story of a time she went to an escape room with her father to bond. As Atwell finishes sharing her sweet experience with Corden and the audience, 50 chimes in to reveal that escape rooms kind of freak him out.

“The whole safe room concept, it’s like, it’s not really interesting to me,” Fif explains. “It’s like Saw, like the Saw movie, I’m not with that shit.”

Corden then asks the rapper to go with him. 50's voice raises as he admits that the idea scares him, but eventually gives in to the host’s proposal. “OK we’ll go together, this is just not one of the things on my list of things to do,” he says.

“We can go! The three of us can go,” Corden replies, before lifting up a photo of 50 and his grandfather flicking off the camera.

The photo is of 50’s Instagram posts from last week. The rapper is constantly caught up in social media drama (mostly as a result of his own trolling), between Floyd Mayweather and dozens of other ongoing beefs. With his grandfather by his side, he warns haters to, you know, #getthestrap.

“OK but you need to know in advance he’s not going to be any help for us,” 50 warns.

Well, there you have it, folks. I sincerely hope they release footage of this extravaganza, if it actually happens, because something tells me that watching 50 Cent freak out in an escape room would be highly entertaining.