After five long years, we're squarely in the middle of Macca season again.

Fresh off the announcement of his upcoming new album Egypt Station, featuring "I Don't Know" and "Come On to Me," Paul McCartney joined James Corden on the Late Late Show to sing some hits in the middle of traffic and to give an impromptu tour of some historic Beatles-related sites in Liverpool.


"That's been one of the strange things," McCartney, around the five-minute mark in the video up top, told Corden of the lasting impact of the Beatles' message. "We expected it to last 10 years but it keeps going on and on and on and it keeps being relevant." McCartney then recalled the remarkable circumstances under which he penned the Beatles classic "Let It Be," the title track to their final album.

"I had a dream in the 60s where my mom who died came to me in a dream and was reassuring me saying 'It's gonna be OK, just let it be.' I felt so, sort of, great and, like, 'Boy, it's gonna be great,' you know? She gave me the positive word. So I woke up going 'What was that? What was she saying? Let it be?' I said 'I never heard that, that's kinda good,' you know? So I wrote the song."

Catch McCartney's full Carpool Karaoke, featuring mobile versions of "Drive My Car" and "Penny Lane," up top. Egypt Station arrives Sept. 7.