Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend Jen Harley always find ways to make headlines, but this might be the most violent of their public altercations yet. After the couple very publicly split during a dramatic Instagram Live session, during which Jen spat at Ronnie, the two made-up two weeks later. Now, it seems, the two have run into problems again.

As TMZ reports, Jen Harley has been arrested for domestic battery after she allegedly dragged Ronnie by driving away while he was hanging out of car. While driving home from a BBQ in Vegas this last Sunday (June 24), the two got into a pretty heated argument. Sources close to the two claim Jen started hitting Ronnie in the face as they were fighting, which led to him demanding she pull over and let him out. Ronnie got stuck in his seatbelt, but before he could free himself, Jen started to drive off, dragging him behind.

Their 2-month-old daughter, Ariana, was apparently in the car with the troubled couple at the time of the incident. Jen has since been booked for domestic violence at the Clark County Detention Center after she left his face bloodied and bruised. Ronnie apparently also suffered from whiplash thanks to the incident, too.

The two have always been very public with their issues, but considering their background in reality TV it's not the most shocking thing to hear about them. Previously, they were publicly throwing insults at one another on social media, during which Ronnie called Jen a "hoe," while Jen accused him of being a "coke head."