It appears that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley have kissed and made up following their mega social media blowout two weeks ago.

The Jersey Shore star posted a couple of videos on his Instagram story on Sunday of Harley snoring in bed with their one-month-old daughter Ariana snuggled up to her. Ortiz-Magro captioned the first video, "#PrankWarsss. #SnoringSoLoud. #IFeelShe’sTheDog Little Nicky," referring to the Adam Sandler film Little Nicky

The second video was captioned, "#SoundsLikeABearHavingAnOrgasm. #SheAlwaysSaysISnore."

Just two weeks ago, the couple trashed talked each other on their Instagram stories. Ortiz-Magro wrote on his Insta story, "Note to self, can't turn a natural born HOE, into a HOUSEWIFE, if you find them in the gutter then leave them in the gutter." He added the hashtags "facts" and "Yeahhh buddy," and, "Not all people can be saved when they are so far gone. All you can say you did ur best and keep it moving." In another post, he created a post and wrote, "If your significant other keeps sex videos of their ex, shouldn’t they show enough respect to delete them, esp after being in a new relationship for over a year?"

On Harley's story, she jabbed back and wrote, "Can't turn a coke head into a father!" and added, "Yeahhh buddy."

The day after the public Instagram fight, an Instagram Live Session showed an altercation between the couple. In the tense stream, Ortiz-Magro confronted Harley for keeping a sex video with her ex on her phone. Harley pushed an angry Ortiz-Magro back with her arm and he said, "Put your fucking hands on me again. I dare you." The camera then begins to shake because of a physical struggle and a voice is heard yelling for him to stop. Us Weekly was then told by a source that the two broke up, but another source said, "that can change at any moment."