In a new Instagram post, business mogul Dame Dash is accusing director Lee Daniels of borrowing $2 million and refusing to pay it back. 

The post includes footage of the two bickering over the money during some sort of event. In the video, Daniels adamantly tells Dame he'll repay him, and that they can discuss the matter later. Apparently that didn't happen, because according to Dame, Daniels never coughed up the funds. "He promised I get my money back in months...then he makes Precious and goes missing so he doesn’t have to pay me...then The Butler...Empire...same shit. Why does this dude feel like he doesn’t have to pay me?" he wrote on Instagram. 

According to Dame's narrative, he gave the millions to Daniels to help him jumpstart his career as a director. Daniels is best known for his directorial feat Precious, and for his current work helming the Fox shows Empire and Star. The film Precious came out in 2009, so if Dame gave Daniels the money before then, the loan is nearly a decade old. 

Daniels has yet to respond to Dame's accusation.