On Tuesday, over 8000 Starbucks stores closed during the second half of the day for company-wide racial bias training following an incident earlier this year that led to the arrest of two black men inside a Philadelphia location. In addition to group activities and a new handbook, employees watched video messages from company execs as well as rapper Common.

The Daily Show decided to share their own funny take on the training clips, particularly since, as Trevor Noah puts it humorously, Rosanne Barr "recently started working for them" since ABC canceled her show's recent reboot. "I'm here today because you fucked up," the video starts, before telling black employees they don't need to watch the rest of the clip. The video poked fun at appropriate and inappropriate greetings, writing names on cups and giving bathroom access, with the code given to a customer that turns out to be Martin Luther King's birthdate. There's no way of telling what the actual videos were like, but this definitely works in the meantime.

Previously, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said the racial bias training was a way to show the company is "committed to being a part of the solution," meant to teach employees to create an even more inclusive environment. While it might be difficult to completely solve issues with bias and discrimination with a few hours of training, it hopefully kicks off a trend of more corporations making it more of a priority in their initial training going forward.

Watch the full clip above.