MTV’s Pimp My Ride was a legendary show. So legendary, in fact, that one of its episodes featured one of our favorite comedians and actresses in her early days: Tiffany Haddish. Twitter user @NSR_03 shared a clip of the episode on Saturday morning. 

“So I’m watching pimp my ride & why is Tiffany Haddish on there lol," the tweet said about the pre-Girls Trip star.

In the short video—which lasts 16 seconds—a woman named Rashae reveals that she and her friend Tiffany got into a small car accident. Rashae explained that they “both kinda got a little bit distracted,” and Tiffany, of course, revealed why: “It was a fine guy across the street. And I was like, ‘Dang, look at him.’ And [Rashae] was like, ‘What?’ And I was like ‘Oh!’”

“And she kind of collided into the side of my car,” Rashae said. Tiffany tried to hilariously justify the accident, noting they were at least "looking at a really fine dude."

According to IMDb, the episode aired on July 31, 2005, during Season 4 of Pimp My Ride.

Back in 2016, another Twitter user, @geekazoid70, saw the episode and asked Tiffany if she was still friends with Rashae—to which Tiffany responded, “yes I am.”