If you thought beer and yoga didn't mix, then Kevin Hart is here to prove you wrong on the newest episode of his YouTube series “What the Fit,” with guest star Chance the Rapper.

The show’s concept is essentially Hart and a celebrity friend doing something athletic together. During the episode, Hart asks Chance if he’s into fitness, and Chance admits that he’s not that athletic. “I don’t spend any time in the gym. Every month, once in a while, I challenge myself to 20 push-ups, and I do 17, and then I go back to being famous,” he says, extremely deadpan.

When Hart describes that they’re going to do beer yoga, Chance doesn’t believe him, saying he doesn’t “think that exists.” Before the class, the two grab a couple of beers, do some shots of Don Julio and also play something that Hart has dubbed “Facetime Celebrity Game,” or seeing which famous friends will answer your Facetime call from out of nowhere. Hart first calls Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who doesn’t pick up—then Chance calls Quavo, who also doesn’t pick up. Hart then calls Chris Rock who thankfully picks up Hart's call.

The beer yoga class eventually begins, and it’s pretty much what you think: you do yoga while sipping beer, and in this case, Hart cracks a bunch of jokes.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Hart is set to produce the pilot for an FX comedy series on FX, influenced by the life of rapper and comedian Lil Dicky.

Watch the rest of the “What the Fit” video above to see Hart and Chance’s antics in full.