According to Tiffany Haddish, an unnamed TMZ paparazzo may have missed one of 2018’s biggest news scoops because he failed to display some basic manners. On Sunday, Haddish uploaded a selfie video to Instagram, unloading on the TMZ representative for the entertainment and gossip site’s standard practice of impromptu celebrity interviews at LAX’s baggage claim.

“I fly into Los Angeles...LAX. TMZ is standing there with the camera wanting to take a picture,” Haddish said. “We got umpteen thousand bags, alright? The man is standing up on the pillar watching me and my girls load this Escalade up all by ourselves.”

Haddish then panned her camera around the SUV showing multiple suitcases. She added that the paparazzo waited until she and the rest of her party finished loading the bags before coming and asking for a quick interview. Haddish sounded less than enthused at the prospect of granting him any access.

“'If you don’t get the fuck out my face trying to ask some goddamn questions,'” Haddish recounted. “'You could’ve been helping us. I would’ve stood there and talked to your ass for 30-45 minutes. I would’ve told you who the fuck bit Beyoncé....You lazy motherfucker. I know your momma raised you better than that…standing there. He leaned up against the wall next to the car and watched us. Bitch.”

Given that Haddish wasn’t particularly welcoming of TMZ during a previous encounter, the paparazzo’s alleged lack of manners may have finally ended any chances of a Haddish scoop.