In February, Pixar's 2016 Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory, arrived on Netflix.

The Netflix version is identical to the film that everyone saw in theaters, but Twitter user Luke Mathews points out that the ending of the Swedish edition might take English viewers by surprise. He calls it, "By far, the greatest movie moment in cinema history."

As the camera zooms out on the film's final scene, a single word appears on the screen: "slut."

Of course, that word loosely translates to "ending" or "final" in Swedish, which is a suitable replacement for the English version's choice of "the end." In theory, this lost-in-translation moment might happen in every Swedish version of an English film that concludes with "the end." But it's especially surprising to see this in the final scene of a wholesome PG-rated movie from Pixar.

Some Pixar fans were shocked to see Mathews' tweet—which already has nearly five million views—so they investigated the translation themselves using Google. Yep, it checks out.