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Ryan Reynolds is not afraid to troll anyone including his wife, Blake Lively, and their kids. Now, he's going after Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman.

Jackman penned a loving post to his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, on Twitter for their 22nd anniversary.

"I believe in life we need to see and truly be seen by the most important people in our lives. Deb, from day one, we had that. 22 years only gets deeper. You and the kids are the greatest gift I will ever receive. I love you a gazillion times around the world," he said.

Of course, like Reynolds' character Deadpool, he isn't one to let a heartfelt moment go by without an inappropriate joke. For Jackman, he retweeted the touching letter with his own revealing message: "I gave this three months. Tops. I was wrong."  

This is far from the first time either of them took shots at one another. They've famously feuded since Reynolds' Deadpool continuously cracked jokes about Wolverine. But in real life, Reynolds wants the two to team up for a film. (Although that may be kind of hard since Wolverine died in Logan, unless he didn't.)

"Hugh Jackman is one of the best human beings," said Reynolds in 2016 interview with Entertainment Weekly. "Part of the reason I want to do a Deadpool/Wolverine movie is not just because I think the two would light the screen on fire but I genuinely love the guy." It's all love between two regenerating superheroes.

As we ponder on a Deadpool/Wolverine collab on the big screen, Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters on May 18.