To celebrate Ryan Reynolds' newly minted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, soon-to-be-former Wolverine Hugh Jackman hit up Instagram in a shockingly convincing Ryan Reynolds mask to mock—you guessed it—Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star has thrown his share of playful jabs at Jackman in the past, though he took a different tone when publicly calling for a crossover movie earlier this month that would see the two iconic characters doing various hero activities together.

"You may remember me from such things as People magazine's 2010 Sexiest Man Alive or the 12th best DC comics movie Green Lantern," Jackman, rocking a really remarkable mask, said on Instagram Thursday. For good measure, Jackman then proceeded to remind Reynolds he had "failed his high school drama class" and that People had actually named him the "Sexiest Man Alive" first:

This masked Jackman, ever the gentleman, then closed out this message of hope with a simple request: "Thank you, America," Jackman-as-Reynolds said, "and feel free to urinate on my section of the sidewalk." Damn. Guess we shouldn't have allowed Reynolds and the good Deadpool name to have been temporarily smeared by X-Men Origins: Wolverine. "The movie, that was a career low for me," Reynolds, as Deadpool, revealed in a totally serious video address earlier this year.