The 2004 Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry was a low point in the actress’ career. With a budget of $100 million, the project was intended to explore the DC universe from the perspective of Batman’s longstanding nemesis. Unfortunately, the movie tanked hard and left Berry with a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress. If you thought Berry has some strong regrets about her ill-fated comic book adaptation, you’d be wrong.

According to E! News, Berry is absolutely content with her decision to join Catwoman even after her friends warned her it was going to be a critical and commercial disaster.

"While it ’failed’ to most people, it wasn’t a failure for me," she said at the 2018 Matrix Awards. "Because guess what? I met so many interesting people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, I got to learn two forms of martial arts and I got to learn what not to do, and learning what not to do is as important as learning what to do.”

And, as the cherry on top, Berry concludes her tale of wisdom and experience in the best possible way: “I got a shitload of money that changed my life.”

While the studio certainly wishes it had at least broken even on its gamble—having only made $82.1 million at the box office on a $100 million budget—Berry got away with a purportedly hefty paycheck. Besides, it’s not like the 14-year-old film has left her tarnished in the industry: The actress recently appeared in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which was not flop.