A week after It eclipsed Crocodile Dundee as the highest-earning September release in movie history, Stephen King's story about a sewer-dwelling killer clown has lost the top spot at the box office to the star-studded spy thriller Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle, which is a sequel to 2014's Kingsman: The Secret Service, is expected to rake in an estimated $39 million in North America by the time the weekend wraps up (which, newsflash, it pretty much has).

Though it was considered to be below projections, by pulling in that amount on its opening weekend, Kingsman prevented It from being the No. 1 movie in America for the third week in a row. Kingsman also grossed about $3 million more than the aforementioned first film in the series. Plus it pulled $61 million overseas (including $11.1 million in England, which makes perfect sense) for a worldwide tally of $100 million. The movie is now within striking distance of making back its budget of $104 million.

As for It, despite the fall from the top to the runner-up spot, it still garnered an impressive $30 million to close in on a total draw of $500 million. With that type of figure within their sights, we're sure the producers aren't shedding too many tears over this news.