Loyola University Chicago's historic entrance into the Sweet 16 after beating University of Tennessee on Saturday doesn’t mean that the university was ready to let loose. Right after the win, comedian Hannibal Buress was kicked off stage during a performance at Loyola following some jokes he made about the Catholic church.

Loyola just cut Hannibal’s mic. This is ridiculous. We want Hannibal. @hannibalburess pic.twitter.com/uJqo2cSIpm

— Bung™ (@YaBoiiiTDog) March 18, 2018

According to Consequence of Sound, Buress was on stage for about five minutes when the Loyola Chicago cut his mic. The comedian was provoked by the university after he received an email saying what he could and could not say during his set. Instead of adhering to the email, Buress decided to tell jokes about Catholic priests’ long history of sexual assault and abuse of minors. “Bitch-ass old people, I can project,” Buress reportedly said. “Y’all fuck kids, right?”

Loyola: "we are a Catholic school, please no profanity or offensiveness"

Hannibal: "y'all fuck kids, right?"@hannibalburess

— Tai Chi Latte (@adamscahmics) March 18, 2018

"Bitch ass old people, I can project."
Hannibal Buress' reaction to the content restrictions he was supposed to put on his show and his mike being turned off.

— cLaire (@clairelybetter) March 18, 2018

The crowd’s outrage forced the university to let Buress return after a 15-minute break. If they wanted a clean set, they probably should have done some research on who they hired to perform. The comedian reportedly tweeted about the incident, but has since deleted it. 

Fresh off celebrating a sweet 16 appearance Loyola kicks Hannibal Buress off stage for exposing their asses and joking about the Catholic Church, this is absolutely nuts they’re digging themselves a huge hole

— el pescador (@justyn_fisher) March 18, 2018

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