Earlier this week, Drake decided to break the internet. No, he didn’t drop another banger like “God’s Plan” onto the masses; what he did had absolutely nothing to do with new music. Drake broke the internet playing a video game. Fortnite, to be specific. Popular video game streaming site Twitch reported that Drake and Travis Scott playing Fortnite with popular streamer Ninja early Thursday morning brought in over 600,000 viewers, smashing the record for concurrent views of a single video.

During their epic live stream, Drake revealed that he’s been playing Fortnite heavy for the last month, revealing that during breaks in the recording of his next studio album, he gets his Fortnite on. He also told Ninja that he’s been watching his gameplay for a while, and is a fan. For the many fans of Fortnite and the gaming world in general, this was a huge deal, but we imagine a number of you out there had one main question: what the fuck is a Fortnite? As per usual, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about one of the internet’s most popular video games.