There’s probably no man more hated on the Internet than the FCC’s own Ajit Pai. At the same time there are few movies loved online as much as The Big Lebowski. Perhaps in an attempt to rebuild his image or connect with his followers (who I assume are mostly hate-follows), Pai praised the Coen Brothers film on its 20th birthday in a tweet that was quickly dragged to filth by the masses.

In net neutrality updates, today Washington became the first state to create its own net neutrality requirements after Pai and his crew repealed Obama-era protections, according to the Associated Press. Net neutrality protections were overturned at the end of last year, and April 23 is when those protections begin actually disappearing.

That means internet service providers soon after can charge for faster service to specific sites or slow down sites intentionally. Lawsuits are already underway, so it will probably take a while for ISPs to actually make any changes to the internet while the FCC decision is tied up in court. If you need a refresher or explainer on what is at stake, definitely watch this Burger King video—seriously, you won’t regret it.

So with all that in mind, it’s no surprise that people on Twitter decided to take down Ajit Pai, who is the chairman of the FCC, when he tried to post some “relatable content.” Pai should probably stick to the thing he's good at: ruining the internet. But hey, that's not just, like, my opinion, man.