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The Simpsons has featured episodes accurately predicting an Ebola outbreak, Donald Trump’s run for President of the United States, and Disney owning Fox. Over the weekend, fans began pointing out that a 2010 episode also featured the U.S. besting Sweden in curling to win an Olympic gold medal.

In an episode from Season 21 titled “Boy Meets Curl,” Bart tries to help Lisa with her addiction to collecting pins, but viewers get yet another spot-on Simpsons prediction in the form of Marge and Homer leading America’s curling team to a gold medal.

You can view a clip of the episode above, as Homer and Marge help an injury-depleted U.S. squad avoid conceding to Sweden. Homer, Marge, and Principal Seymour Skinner go for the gold at the 33-second mark.

The Simpsons' prediction isn't 100 percent right: The men’s curling team took home America’s first gold medal in curling on Saturday, while Marge and Homer medaled in mixed curling. The show accurately predicting that the U.S. would beat Sweden is close enough.

Al Jean, who serves as the executive producer and writer on The Simpsons, took to Twitter for a victory lap Saturday.

.@TheSimpsons Congratulations to us men's gold medal curling team! Good predictions can come true too!

— Al Jean (@AlJean) February 24, 2018

.@TheSimpsons and we even picked the runner up...

— Al Jean (@AlJean) February 24, 2018

.@TheSimpsons medal ceremony filmed by us in 2010

— Al Jean (@AlJean) February 24, 2018

“.@TheSimpsons Congratulations to us men’s gold medal curling team! Good predictions can come true too!” Jean tweeted.

Unlike correctly predicting the Trump Presidency, this appears to be one of the few times the writers for The Simpsons were glad to be correct with their prediction.