Disney is planning to restart The Muppets again to include in the lineup for their upcoming streaming platform, The Hollywood Reporter writes.

Back in 2004, Disney acquired the franchise from the Jim Henson Company for $75 million. Since then Disney released the 2011 reboot film The Muppets followed by a sequel, 2014's Muppet's Most Wanted. In 2015, they followed up with a short-lived ABC comedy series, also titled The Muppets, before announcing that they'll be releasing another revival, Muppet Babies, later this year. And now, there will be a whole new Muppets show on the horizon.

It's not much of a surprise, since most of the content for the streaming service, which is set to rival Netflix, will be reboot heavy. This includes a remake of High School Musical, a Monsters, Inc.–based series, The Mighty Ducks, and movie recreations of classics like The Parent Trap, Father of the Bride, and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, according to the THR's sources. As for original content, Disney will also have its pick of Marvel and Star Wars' feature films in addition to an all-new live-action SW show.

No word yet on when Disney's streaming platform will make its debut (or how much it will cost) but earlier reports say that it will launch in fall 2019.