Marlon Wayans is headed to Netflix with a brand new stand up special, Woke-Ish , that tackles fatherhood, getting older, and of course, the current President. Ordered back in September by the streaming network, the special was filmed at MGM National Harbor’s The Theater in Washington, D.C. and looks like it has plenty in the way of quotables already.

"Donald Trump is the Flavor Flav of white people," Wayans says in the minute-long clip. We won't know just how political the comedian gets until the full special is available, but judging by the title, hot button topics will definitely come up. In the preview, he mentions Trump's predecessor as well. "Barack Obama winning the presidency was the first time we as Black people felt like we won," he says, pausing to set up the perfect punchline. "Well, that and the O.J. [Simpson] trial."

Wayans has had a lot on his plate for the past year, with his NBC sitcom Marlon being picked up for a second season, and a starring role in last year's Netflix original film, Naked. When you're part of one of the funniest families in America, it makes sense that the work keeps coming.

Woke-Ish premieres on February 27 exclusively on Netflix.

Watch the full trailer above.