Why stop at robot dogs that can open doors and artificial intelligence that can create their own secret languages when you can push the limits of technology to build a singing Furby organ? It's as horrifying as it sounds and yet, hacker and musician Sam Battle did just that for his YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer.

In the clip, Battle opens the back of the organ to reveal a seemingly endless jumble of multi-colored wires that connect each of the talking toys to the keyboard commands of the organ, producing specific notes and vowels when pressed. It's a concept he's been dreaming up for at least a few years, showing the original plan sketches in the video before explaining how he amassed so many of the furry gems. What's creepier, Battle describes the contraption as if the toys are alive but unaware they're connected to the machine. He even swaps the label of the organ's 'on' switch to 'collective awakening', causing them to move, blink or talk all at once.

Technically speaking, it's actually impressive. Besides that, this is definitely something you'd want to set on fire just to save yourself. At least now your night terrors have a soundtrack.

Watch the full video above.