What better way to torment Marvel fans still high off the success of Black Panther and waiting for Avengers: Infinity War than to shake up some hard facts about the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise?  Screenwriter James Gunn revealed on Twitter that while most assume Baby Groot is a reincarnated version of the original Groot who dies in the first film, the smaller sapling is actually Groot's son, Birth Movies Death reports.

What started as an already tricky question about making the choice to save Baby Groot or a porg (the correct answer is Baby Groot), turned into a heated conversation that eventually revealed Baby Groot's true identity. It was generally understood that Groot can be destroyed but grow back over time, forming from even the smallest sliver into his full adult self, but apparently not. 

This revelation means that Groot is dead, gone and not coming back, and that the cute and aggressive little character we met in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is Groot's own flesh and blood. Well, twig and branch. This is brand new information for most, and people don't seem ready to accept it.

According to Gunn, this should not come as a shock as he says he's been dropping hints of this fact for years, Daily Dot reports. Gunn has been hinting at this since September 2016, in a variety of places including interviews, a Facebook Q&A session and many, many times via Twitter.

“Groot’s sacrifice at the end of the movie means something,” he told SFX Magazine. “It’s not a meaningless sacrifice. He sacrificed himself for these people he loves. And Baby Groot is not Groot. He’s a different character and he does not have that character’s memories."

He even explained that the absence of death is something he hates in storylines, and that killing the original Groot made his death "meaningful."

Some users, potentially dead inside, gloated about having known already

Either way, it's still Groot (in all his potential forms) forever.