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After keeping her pregnancy a secret for essentially nine months, Kylie Jenner is finally stepping back into the spotlight to reveal the name of her and boyfriend Travis Scott's first child. Shortly after the reality star shared a video compilation of moments from her pregnancy on Instagram—which just happened to coincide with the Super Bowl—Jenner shared a folow-up post, revealing the name of her first born to be: Stormi Webster.

Reactions to the name were mixed, with some circulating the same highly original joke about the next generation of Kardashian-Jenners being able to spell out an entire weather forecast, and others commenting in support of the cute moniker.

One person, in particular, seemed to be feeling some type of way about the name, however. The model, and former Miss Teen USA, Stormi Bree posted a shady Instagram pic of herself looking moody in black and white while giving some side-eye along with the caption "Current mood."

Forewarning: the comments under Bree's post are an absolute mess. It's an all-out battle between Kylie and Stormi stans (yes, apparently there are Stormi Bree stans) that has us distant onlookers popping the popcorn and pulling up a chair. If anything, though, Bree should probably be thanking Jenner for the newfound publicity. She could've easily taken a page out of the Kris Jenner's handbook and turned this into a free PR moment... maybe even struck a deal to have the first photo shoot or fashion collab with baby Stormi—these are just free suggestions. 

All in all, what's important is that Kylie and Travis welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world and now we can all take comfort in the fact that a literal infant is worth more money than we will probably ever see in our lives. God bless!