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Every time a trailer for a new Star Wars film arrives, fans understandably start to over-analyze every single frame. The Star Wars subreddit, in particular, goes into full-on detective mode looking for hints in the smallest of places. Now, hours after the trailer arrived for the second standalone Star Wars movie, Solo, we've already got a number of theories and astute observations from dedicated fans. Reddit user n1407 has found what they believe to be an easter egg, or a really weird indication of where the plot for the new film is going.

Pointing toward a very brief shot from the trailer which shows a droid surrounded by monitors, n1407 noted how one of those screens features a familiar image. The shot, which is highlighted closely in the Reddit post, seems to show a pivotal scene near the end of The Last Jedi​ featuring Luke Skywalker. It's difficult to make out, but who knows at this point?

Plenty of Reddit users are taking offense at the idea of such a continuity error, what with Solo being a prequel to the original Star Wars trilogy, while others have pointed out this could be nothing more than a nod to the previous entry in the franchise. Rian Johnson referenced 2016's Rogue One, after all, in 2017's Last Jedi, and both he and Rogue director Gareth Edwards made a cameo in the other's film.

And plenty others aren't taking it seriously at all.

TLJ Easter Egg in Solo Trailer? from r/StarWars

Sunday night during the Super Bowl, Disney teased the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Monday morning they delivered the full thing. Featuring glimpses of Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian and plenty of grinning from the movie's star, Alden Ehrenreich, it offers a tantalizing glimpse at the upcoming blockbuster, due May 25.