DC Comics has been running new comic books revolving around a fresh-faced Super-Man. Instead of rebooting the series in America, though, this new series, titled New Super-Man, focuses on China's very own Super Man. Starring Kenan Kong as the titular hero, the series has focused just as much on him as it has the Justice League of China, which is why DC is now rebranding the series for its latest issue.

The newest issue of New-Super Man sees the title of the ongoing series change to New Super-Man & The JLC, with #20, bringing the the rest of the Justice League into focus even more. To celebrate the change, DC shared a preview of the upcoming issue with The AV Club, and in it they proudly show off Super-Man's new emblem. Instead of the usual, iconic 'S' on his chest, it's a yin and yang-inspired shield that proudly showcases Kenan Kong's background.

Representation is just as important in comics, and it's fantastic to see a series that features not just one Asian superhero, but a full cast. It definitely makes a change from the often very-white Superman many have come to associate with the character. The series is also set to see Aqua-Man of North Korea facing off against the Justice League, so it's safe to say there's plenty of potential material here.

New Super-Man and the Justice League of China #20 will be out on February 14. 

Head over to AV Club for a preview.