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After watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans of the franchise had some questions that gave birth to another debate, of course.

(Warning: You Probably shouldn't be reading this if you haven't seen the film yet.)

The latest moment in question, brought to light by an incredibly geeky post on The Ringer, is whether or not Vice Admiral Holdo broke the rules of Star Wars lore when she destroyed the First Order's ship, Supremacy, by jumping the Raddus into hyperspace while in the ship's vicinity.

Now Director Rian Johnson is coming through with the answers.

"First of all, has this been done before, period?" he asked on SlashFilm's podcast. "I’ve got to reserve the right for [Lucasfilm Story Group member] Pablo [Hidalgo] to build it back into canon if he’s like, ‘Yeah, this is a thing and they outlawed it.’ I think there's various ways you can go with it. But it’s not like it was the plan to do this."

Johnson later continued to talk about the epic, yet tragic scene.

"It’s a spur of the moment thing," he said. "It’s this idea that she gets and she sits down and f*cking does, and it obviously takes everybody completely by surprise. It takes Hux by surprise. The fact that Hux doesn’t see it coming means it’s probably not a standard military maneuver. I think it was something that Holdo pulled out of her butt in the moment."

Well, there you have it, from the director's mouth himself. Debate over? Probably not.