It's never too early to look at what movies are getting released in theaters (and on streaming services) in 2018, right? We recently ran-down the absolute best films of 2017, and while we're currently embarking on the 2018 AWARDS SZN, it makes sense that we look ahead. Hell, there's already a huge batch of fire films on the docket.

Currently, Disney, Fox, and DC have their superhero films aligned, but those aren't the only movies on the way. The Rock's trying to rein in massive apes, Alicia Vikander's taking on the iconic mantle of a video game heroine, and legendary franchises like Halloween and Predator are making their returns for fans new and old alike. We've got some films that feel like they are already set to lead the 2019 AWARDS SZN, as well as crime dramas like the next Mission: Impossible and the raucous Soldado. Without further adieu, check out our Most Anticipated Movies of 2018 selections. We imagine you should grab your calendars and schedule your lives accordingly.