Another classic '90s piece of culture just scored a Hollywood makeover as Duke Nukem is on its way to the silver screen. Word is that the iconic alien-killing character could be portrayed by none other than John Cena.

Paramount Pictures is reportedly in discussions with the actor and WWE Superstar for the lead role of their new video game adaptation. There has not yet been a writer or director selected for the film, but Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the Paramount-based production company Platinum Dunes, lead by Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, will drive production for the movie.

The possibility of Cena being cast as Duke is kind of genius, it almost makes you forget about the pititful reviews of 2011's Duke Nukem Forever (it received a paltry score of 49/100 from Metacritic, FYI). Still, the gun-toting, one-liner spewing action hero still holds a place in many gamers' nostalgic hearts. So there's lots of room for Cena to do what he does best and bring good ol' Duke to life.

Cena's brawny​-but-goofy shtick provided comic relief for his roles in Trainwreck, The Marine, and Daddy's Home. He's also got a lead role in Paramount's upcoming Bumblebee spinoff movie.

Hopefully, Cena's on-screen brilliance and Paramount's comedic track record will be the winning combo to bring Duke Nukem into the millennial periphery.

Check out a mock-up poster below.