Only two weeks after its premiere, Freeform’s breakout comedy series Grown-ish has been approved for a second season.

The news was announced Thursday during the inaugural Freeform Summit in Los Angeles, where the show’s stars and creators participated in a panel discussion. According to Variety, the series’ second season will consist of 20 half-hour episodes—seven more than its first season. It’s incredible news, no doubt, but not too surprising when you consider all the praise its received from critics and audiences alike. Variety points out Grown-ish currently has a 91 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been lauded for its “culturally relevant storytelling.”

Grown-ish is a spinoff of the ABC hit series Black-ish. It revolves around the character of Zoey—played by Yara Shahidi—as she adjusts to college life at the fictional Cal U.

“What's interesting is when I compare Black-ish and Grown-ish, they're two totally different shows. Of course there is natural crossover of my family ... but everything even down to the cinematic way [Grown-ish is] shot is very different from Black-ish,” Shahidi told Teen Vogue. “In taking on these issues, I feel like we've come from a different approach; rather than addressing the direct political or social thing that is happening, I feel like Grown-ish really tackles college culture. The conversations that we're having are about college culture and this one person trying to maneuver it. So in that conversation we're trying to address things that are actually relevant and happening on campus.”

While we wait for more details on Grown-ish’s second season, you can catch the current season at 8 p.m ET every Wednesday on Freeform.