The Time’s Up pin worn during the Golden Globes also represented hypocrisy for some when the likes of James Franco and Aziz Ansari—who were both accused of sexually inappropriate behavior after the ceremony—were spotting wearing them. Dylan Farrow went ahead and roasted Justin Timberlake for hypocritically wearing one, too. The internet previously dragged Timberlake for tweeting #TimesUp even though he stars in Woody Allen’s film Wonder Wheel, but Farrow saw a new opportunity to cut the singer down a notch.

On Tuesday, Timberlake went on Twitter and tried to crack a bad, dad-esque joke. “Can someone please explain the saying, ‘You just want your cake and to eat it too,’” he wrote. That’s obviously not how the saying goes, but Farrow seized the moment anyway to take said metaphorical cake and shove it in his face. “The saying means, for example, you can’t support #TIMESUP and praise sexual predators at the same time,” Farrow responded. 


Farrow gave an emotional TV interview last week, once again accusing her adoptive father Woody Allen of molesting her when she was 7 years old. While several stars in Hollywood have finally begun to denounce the filmmaker, many, like Timberlake, have remained silent.