At the exact date listed in the byline, Sony sits atop the mountain of the console wars due to what is always the deciding factor in these things, superior software. And though I don't think that the PS4 has as great of a library as either the PS3 (or especially the PS2) had four years into its life, there are a number of fantastic titles on the platform worthy of dumping your time and money into. 90 percent of those titles are on the next 20 slides.

Now we may have missed Christmas on this one (oops). But dates for holidays are really just social constructs anyway. If anything you should just celebrate in January to get in on post-New Year's sales, even if everybody thinks you're a weird and cheap POS as a result. It's just practical. And, if you haven't already, you could probably get a buttload of these for fractions of their original costs. I basically bought all six games worth playing on the Wii U a few years ago by employing this very method.

Now that we've covered the reasoning for this write-up, let's briefly address one tiny facet of its construction. I was light on sports games for this list, as in there are none on here. Zero. But I love sports games, I love their pick up and gameplay but difficult to master learning curve, and I love their infinite value, and also just like sports in general. In fact, it might be my favorite genre.

So is that stupid? Actually, yes, probably a little. But I’d say that at this point most sports franchises (even those that have grown stale) have risen to a level that you’ll like them if you like the sport. If you like soccer you’ll like FIFA. If you like baseball you’ll like The Show. If you like basketball you’ll like 2K and maybe(?) Live. If you like football you’ll like Madden. If you like NCAA Football, like me, then tough shit. They don’t make them anymore.

You could argue that all of those Playstation series could be on this list (probably even in the Top 10) but they're not. I'm not turning my nose up at them, I just reserved the rundown for titles that aren't annual updates of games you've probably played for years. With that out of the way, enjoy the order here/complain about it in the comment section while you can because it will probably be entirely different when Last of Us 2Red Dead Redemption 2 and the new God of War drop at some point in 2018.

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