If you enjoyed seeing Ansel Elgort drive criminals around on the big screen, you'll want to check out his Instagram on Thursday for Baby Driver, Bomb Cyclone edition. Elgort is currently weathering the blizzard in the Hamptons by taking a red car for a spin—literally. He's leaving loops in the snow as he drives in circles. We're not sure how he's pulling it off, but we have a feeling it's not something you should try yourself. 

"Nyc snowstorm no worries baby will give u a ride," he joked on Twitter.

People are actually taking him up on his offer. Some commenters are asking him to come pick them up, though others can't get past the fact that one of his headlights is out. 

The "Bomb Cyclone" he's stuck in is predicted to spread 40 to 60 mile per hour winds and 6 to 12 inches of snow throughout the New England region on Thursday night through Friday, leaving parts of the Northeast colder than Mars. The blizzard is the product of a "bombgenesis," a region of progressively decreasing air pressure. Florida has gotten a rare sprinkle of snow, and 12 people throughout the country have died due to cold temperatures, according to CNN. Stay safe, Ansel.