Meteorologists are reporting that something called a "bombogenesis" is likely to hit the Northeast Thursday night into Friday. This rare weather condition is said to cause a "bomb cyclone" that will result in 6 to 12 inches of snow and 40 to 60 mile an hour winds. The expected storm is causing mass hysteria among East Coast residents who have already been experiencing dangerous below-zero temperatures--and who wouldn't be freaking out over something called a bomb cyclone?! 

News broadcasts are all cautioning against the effects of this storm, and for good reason. CNN has reported that a total of 11 people have already died from extreme cold temps in Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota, and Missouri. Even residents of Florida and Texas have experienced a rare glimpse of the snow that will likely be pummeling the East Coast very soon. 

The internet already has bomb cyclone memes on deck, of course.

All we can say is make sure you stock up on your snacks and libations and queue up that Netflix marathon you didn't get to over the holidays. (And get your block button ready for all the climate-change deniers who'll be at their computers to inform you that this means global warming isn't real.) This one's looking like it's about to be big.