A woman accusing Sylvester Stallone of rape has filed a report with Santa Monica police. Though the alleged assault took place in 1990 and is beyond California’s 10-year statute of limitations, TMZ wrote Wednesday that authorities are still pursuing an investigation.

Stallone, who denies the accusations, is alleged to have sexually assaulted the woman at his Santa Monica office in 1990. Through his attorney Marty Singer, Stallone has acknowledged knowing the woman and admitted to spending three days with her during a movie shoot in 1987. Stallone, however, denies the 1990 meeting.

Cops are expected to investigate the accusation and then go to the district attorney's office for a decision on whether to move forward. Stallone, according to a separate TMZ post, is alleging the woman has filed a "false police report." Stallone's team was allegedly tipped off about the report by an unnamed media outlet earlier this year, though the filing apparently wasn't confirmed until this month. Stallone is said to be planning to respond with a complaint against the woman calling for an investigation into what he says is a false police report.

Back in November, a police report resurfaced in which Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and intimidating her into a threesome with his then-bodyguard during a 1988 film shoot in Las Vegas. Stallone and the bodyguard also allegedly threatened to "beat her head in" if she told anyone else. "I'm humiliated and ashamed, but I don't want to prosecute," she said in the report. In a statement, a Stallone spokesperson claimed the story was "categorically false."