The holidays haven't been properly kicked off until you pull up Pornhub in the living room and join the family for a friendly viewing of critically acclaimed cinema. To that end, Kumail Nanjiani has invited those without Amazon Prime to instead enjoy his pitch-perfect hit The Big Sick via the popular streamer of filmed copulation.

The Amazon Studios and Lionsgate-distributed movie, which currently boasts a 98 percent critical average on Rotten Tomatoes, hit Amazon Prime back in November. Instead of "working super hard to not talk about things" this holiday season, Kumail recommended to his more than two million Twitter followers that they instead pop in Big Sick. For everyone else, Kumail suggested, just give the hub of porn a quick a search. 

Great advice. The official @Pornhub account later responded to all this Big Sick talk, apparently misinterpreting Kumail's message as a call for any Pornhub-based uploads of the film—which he co-wrote with Emily V. Gordon—to be removed. Kumail promptly corrected them.

The Big Sick is loosely based on the real-life events behind Nanjiani and Gordon's eventual marriage. The film entered wide release back in July after a lucrative specialty market run, ultimately bagging more than $55 million worldwide against an estimated budget of just $5 million.

How you choose to watch this film, either alone on your laptop Prime-style or with the entire family via Pornhub, is entirely up to you. Just don't fuck yourself by skipping it.