In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked's Melyssa Ford and Jason Lee, Bow Wow, formerly Lil' Bow Wow, claims that he dated Kim Kardashian in the pre-facial reconstruction days, back when she was Paris Hilton's sidekick in 2007. Bow Wow says he developed a relationship with the reality star through Paris, which eventually matured into a romantic endeavor. 

When judging the validity of Bow Wow's claims, one must a) try and play fill-in-the-blanks with Kim's romantic timeline, and b) remember that Bow Wow got caught lying about flying on a private jet because he considers himself to be above the peasantry of economy. In regards to a), the rapper says that it was right before the Reggie Bush days, which could theoretically hold up. However, I'd like to elaborate on the second. 

Bow Wow on IG vs Bow Wow in real life 😂

— Legends (@LegendsofCH) May 9, 2017

At shade level 100, Jason Lee initially prompted Bow Wow into discussing he and KK's relationship by saying, "Kim's not notoriously known for sleeping with a lot of guys," before savagely smiling and winking. However it's worth reminding everyone that Bow Wow has expressed his misogynist opinions before. When you feel entitled and insecure enough to caption a photo with, "Women are suppose to be beautiful and hard to catch like a butterfly," and then months later try and claim that you caught the most precious butterfly of them all, there's definitely room for skepticism.

Bow Wow said even in today's celebrity culture he's able to "get low," and keep his personal life somewhat hidden from crazed assholes like me trying to write a story about it. I don't think anyone has chased the Like Mike star around with a camera since he hit puberty but anywho, Melyssa Ford called him out by saying that Kim K is definitely not someone you have to "get low" with.

Bow Wow then hilariously did one of those "I didn't not do it" moves when he refused to acknowledge whether he and Kardashian actually slept together out of his respect for Kanye. "I respect 'Ye and all that, so therefore I ain't gonna say everything all the way 100," he said before adding, "But you know like I said, if I'm fucking with somebody, I'm fucking with somebody." I bet you Kanye still thinks Bow Wow has the Lil' in front of his moniker. 

Even if it did happen, Bow Wow has had so many fails at this point that nobody's going to believe him anyway. You can watch the full interview above, and the comments about Kim at the 49:00 minute mark.