Vine may be dead (R.I.P) but it’s still causing major waves on social media, although the latest craze is pretty niche and inaccessible to many. Somehow, Twitter unearthed an old Vine in which a guy appears to be traveling on skateboard propelled by a small leaf blower while holding an umbrella straight out in front of him, as though to shield him from the wind. It’s a popular Vine, but it doesn’t look physically possible, and Twitter went the extra mile recently trying to prove whether it is or isn’t possible to travel in such, uh, style.

It all started with an innocent questioning of whether the creator of the Vine, Cody Johns, was really serious with his new-fangled method of transportation.

Others also maintained their skepticism.

Some were certain this random Vine creator definitely was on to something and were determined to defend him to the very end. The only ones who truly succeeded in doing so had to make considerable use of physics and maths skills. The result is that it looks like the original Vine was scientifically legit, but it was proven at the cost of fun. Was it worth it?

At the end of the day, at least one person had the right reaction to this whole exchange.