Back in 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens became a box office smash and invaded pop culture like only the Star Wars franchise can. One of the more intriguing takeaways from the film was Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, in all of his emo glory. Fam, his face and motivation were so emo that someone created the perfect parody Twitter account. The thing is, Adam Driver, who wasn't leaving home much when he realized he was a superstar, wouldn't have known what it meant. Because he apparently doesn't know what the term "emo" means. In 2017.

Whose mans is this?

The world found this out via the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi feature in Rolling Stone cover story, the author spelling it out clearly: "Adam Driver has a question for me. 'What,' he asks, 'is emo?'" Sounds weird, and I thought it was bullshit until Driver started speaking about Kylo Ren's feels. "You have someone who's being told that he's special his whole life, and he can feel it. And he feels everything probably more intensely than the people around him, you know?"

Sounds kind of wild he wouldn't know the term, one that's been in the mainstream for ~15 years, when he can perfectly define it. Someone needs to keep Driver up on these terms, especially when they so perfectly pertain to what he's got going on. Maybe that way these things wouldn't astonish and baffle the internets at large.

Although one person might have an inkling of a reason as to why Driver might not be up on the term.

That's probably the best reason, assuming there's no WiFi on the chicken farm.

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