Just weeks after Marvel's The Punisher was removed from New York Comic-Con due to the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, the next installment in the Netflix series has received a new trailer and an official release date. With the rumored October 13 release date having come and gone with no Frank Castle, we can now inform you that The Punisher is set to premiere on November 17, 2017, in all of its 13-episode glory.

A dope way to look at these trailers, the second of which hit this morning (you can see it above), is to examine how they both use Metallica's epic 1988 anti-war track "One"—a song, notably, from the perspective of an injured soldier stuck in a hospital and unable to communicate with the outside world.

While the first trailer used the ferocious speed metal of the song's latter half, this one is toned down, although it reveals a LOT about the series and the conspiracies laced throughout. In The Punisher, Marvel has tweaked Castle's origin story: while, in the comics, Castle's family was murdered in a mob hit gone horribly wrong, this new trailer implies that Castle's the last person to know about some shit that went terribly wrong overseas during a tour of duty as a Marine, and is being taken out to hide those mysteries.

It's up to Castle and his associates (Deborah Ann Woll returning as Karen Page; and Micro, who was in the comics for years as Castle's confidant and assistant) to not only keep him alive, but make sure the people trying to put an end to his life pay.

Again, Marvel's The Punisher drops its 13-episode first season premieres on November 17, 2017. Get prepped.