Pharrell Williams has partnered up with Tracy Oliver, the writer behind one of the summer’s funniest movies, Girls Trip, to make a big-screen adaptation of the popular Young Adult horror thriller book Survive the Night. Oliver will write and direct, and Pharrell will produce the film alongside Mimi Valdes, his partner at I Am Other Entertainment, per The Hollywood Reporter. The project, which has been green-lit by Warner Bros., has been described as a "music-themed horror thriller," but no other details of just what it will look or sound like have emerged as of yet. 

The story, written by Danielle Vega, revolves around a group of young female college students who find themselves trapped at an underground music festival in the New York City subway named “Survive the Night” on—of all nights—Halloween. Suddenly, when one of the friends turns up dead and disemboweled in one of the subway’s tunnels, the night takes on a different meaning and the remaining women must fight for their lives against a mysterious, deadly attacker who appears to be targeting them.

Honestly, if just using the subway normally in New York City is a doomed horror-fueled nightmare of epic proportions, I can only imagine what a legit horror movie based in those disgusting tunnels would look like.

Pharrell—​a member of this year's ComplexCon host committee and performer (with N.E.R.D)—has had a hand in many recent television and film projects that champion the lives of black folks. In fact, he worked with both Valdes and Oliver to create Awkward Black Girl, the YouTube web-series starring Issa Rae that helped inspire and launch Rae’s excellent HBO drama, Insecure. Pharrell and Valdes also helped produce Hidden Figures and Dope.