“I love seeing people come out of darkness.” -David Lynch

Hello, youths of America and the world. Are you tired of slightly older people aggressively shaming you for having never watched some show called Twin Peaks? Do you dread having to listen to people debate whether the long-awaited third season honors or tarnishes the legacy of something that was canceled before Hillary Clinton’s husband was even President? And are you sick of seeing cryptic Facebook comments about some goddamn gum coming back into style or your Twitter feed inundated with screen-caps of a long-haired menacing scraggly bro begging you to fire walk with him? Well, there are two things you can do. You can binge both seasons of this critically acclaimed/ashamed yet beloved television program from the early 90s...or you can just fake it till you make it. 

Here’s a primer with some relevant information if you absolutely must fake your way through a conversation about Twin Peaks and don’t have time to consume the entire series before the new season debuts on May 21st because of responsibilities or indifference or whatever else could possibly keep you from this delightful yet infuriating idiosyncratic milestone of the medium.