Just in case you don't spend your days repeatedly refreshing the Kimoji website in anticipation of new emoji-themed merch, allow us to alert you to something you may have missed: this pool float that looks like a butt. Kim Kardashian released a fleet of new Kimoji products this week, including a butt float that currently goes for $98 (plus 10 bucks for shipping).

Early pool goers will have to wait a bit to recline atop the butt float. The float is currently only available for pre-order, with an expected shipping period of June. The product page also doesn't offer much in the way of a detailed description, but it's safe to assume this butt pool float will be made of traditional pool float material, fashioned into the shape and design of a Kimoji-brand butt emoji.

If pool floats resembling butts aren't what you're seeking this summer, Kimoji is also pushing official rolling papers, flasks, lighters, middle finger iPhone cases, and a non-butt pool float emblazoned with the word "LIT."


Kardashian's Kimoji app was launched in December 2015, at which point it reportedly shut down the App Store. Claims of a temporary App Store breakage, however, were somewhat brought into question by App Geeks managing director Rahul Joshi shortly after. "I've had a look at the usual third party App Store monitoring websites and they've not reported anything that would [back up] her claims," Rahul told BBC News following the app’s launch. "It's probably a bit of hype."

But, hey, at least we know what Santa will be dropping off this year: Butt pool floats.

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