Last month, John Oliver figured out the best way to infiltrate Trump's TV diet with actual substance: Buy TV ads on his favorite networks, then fill those ads with actual facts. In light of Trumpcare's introduction, Oliver and his Last Week Tonight team are returning to the TV ad hustle to let Trump know just how shitty Trumpcare will be for many everyday Americans.

"Yes, it's finally here, the American Health Care Act," Oliver said Sunday. "You may not have wanted it, it looks awful, but it's here anyway. Try to think of it as the legislative equivalent of Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Curse of Johnny Depp Getting Divorced and Needing the Money. And as will be the case with that movie, the early reviews of this thing have been rough."

After a clip of people on both sides of the political spectrum trashing Trumpcare, Oliver continued. "Yes, much like the life behind Melania Trump's eyes, the AHCA looked dead by the time it was introduced in Washington," he said. Early critics of Trumpcare, Oliver noted, include such they-would-definitely-know-what-they're-talking-about voices as the American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association.

Essentially, Oliver added, Trumpcare is a shitty version of Obamacare in the same way that Old Navy is merely shitty Gap and Easter is shitty Christmas. But there's still a chance it could become law. "The bill Trump is championing will actually increase costs for older, poor Americans, and will cause millions of people to lose coverage," Oliver said. "Somebody needs to explain this to him. And since he is clearly still watching Fox & Friends, we might actually be able to help here."