Being employed is such a chore. Not being employed, of course, also qualifies as a chore. Both employment statuses also have another thing in common: copious viewings of pornography and related pornographic material. As so-so Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel discussed on Wednesday's show, a recent investigation found that (a seemingly low amount of) federal employees were enjoying porn at work.

"According to an investigation done by the NBC News team in Washington D.C., almost 100 federal employees—these are people who work for the government—have either been caught or admitted to watching pornography at work," Kimmel said. "I don't know, 100 seems low actually to me. One federal worker, though, admitted to spending six hours a day looking at images and videos." Another worker, Kimmel added, admitted to spending the annual equivalent of 31 eight-hour workdays watching porn at work.

To see how this apparent trend played out for normal, everyday people, Kimmel hit the streets for a porn-y version of his long-running "Pedestrian Question" segment. For those not familiar with the Kimmel formula, this questioning method involves asking people on the streets of Los Angeles (in this edition, anyway) if they've ever consumed porn while at work. The in-studio audience, meanwhile, attempts to guess what each participant’s answers will be based solely on their introductory vibes.

A highlight of this edition of "Pedestrian Question" features a work-from-home individual getting caught on a technicality, as watching porn at home when one works from home kinda-sorta qualifies as watching porn at work.  Bummer? Not so much. So-called porn addiction arguably isn't quite as real as you may believe.