Every actor has that "one thing" they're known for. For Tom Cruise it's Mission Impossible (now, overshadowed by scientology). For George Clooney it's the Ocean's 11 franchise. For Joel McHale, it's Community. The former host of The Soup made a name for himself on E! and cemented that with the hit comedy, which gave himself, Gillian Jacobs and Donald Glover their big break. Since the end of Community we've seen a lot of McHale's co-stars but what exactly has he been up to? 

Well, crashing with celebrities. His new show, 'Crashed', premiered on go90 last week and it's filled with stars. McHale's Free Period Productions teamed up with Sony Music Entertainment for a new reality show that surprises super fans with a visit from their favorite celebrity. The first episode featured the cast of Dance Moms surprising one lucky girl at her birthday party.

Even if you're not a fan of the chosen celebrity, there's a heartwarming angle to every episode— you'd be surprised how fast you'll tear up watching people meet their idols. If you are into the celebrity names, you can expect to see Tinashe, Ashanti and gold medalist Gabby Douglas in this season.